What’s in my Gym Bag

I typically start my day of training clients at 4am until late morning. So I start off with my daily packet of MV3 multivitamin source. Once I’m done it’s “me time”. So what do I carry inside my gym bag? Most important item(s) first! My Athos Smart clothing to maximize my works out using cutting edge sports and fitness technology and of course my gloves, towel (for wiping off equipment), our 24 hour music stream from our sponsor 4playsounds.com. The media player is on AlbertFit.com(incase you’re wondering). Next my trusted pre, intra and post workout powders. Pre-workout/intra-workout is Enject Liquid Pre-Workout Suspension , BCAA LINX or BCAA 1:3:7 with Caffeine for about an hour and a half of energy mixed with Hypodex (multi dextrine product). One scoop of each in 16-18oz of water. I drink half of it 30 minutes prior to my workout and sip the rest throughout my workout. This gives me great pumps and focus for about an hour and a half. Once I’m done, I complete my routine with  one scoop of GlutagenX and one scoop of Hyopdex in 10-12oz of water for quick recovery. Then about 45 minutes later on serving of Wfactor1 Bio Active Protein.
I also make sure to start my day with my daily intake of supplement support for proper health such as:  CLA, EFA’s and a couple more items that you can read about in my Nutrition page about daily supplements and its importance inside and outside of the gym.