Albert talks Stacks!

So stacks seems to be the way to go these days. They affordable and a safe way to start or maintain a program or lifestyle. I for one like to use stacks to cover as much ground a possible. After all I am talking about my health. As most gym rat SAVING MONEY is a must. One of the questions I use to get while working at GNC was “what should I buy?” Well my first advice as a trainer(then a sale rep) was “how much can you afford to spend for the duration of your program or your lifestyle?”. Nine times out of ten the customer or client would then ask “how much can I spend?” with a perplexed look(as always) I would stop them right there and say to them “knowing how much you can spend monthly helps me decide what products or stacks will get you the most for your buck , to know what you can spend until you meet your goal”. There’s No sense in recommending something that can’t be bought again. That would ruin the entire process and in turn make me look bad. I hear it all the time “the GNC or Vitamin Shoppe guy just sold me what was going to make him money”. I always explain that you get what you pay for. The bigger the blend or the higher the milligrams the higher the price.
I have added some links to some great “stacks” at affordable prices. So Pure Line Nutrition has taken the “Guess Work” out of “Pre-Designed” stacks guaranteed to peel, shred ,pack on the muscle and shred the fat. Whether you want to lose or gain weight then these stacks were made just for you! Jump on one of these today and double the results you’re getting from your workouts!
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