W Factor Bio Active Blend

-Perfect blend of Whey isolate and concentrate for optimal delivery to the blood stream
-Close to zero lactose and aspartame free
-Wfactor1 Bio Blend has approximately 18% glycomacropeptides providing the benefits of lean muscle growth, lower risk of heart attack, and better intestinal health
-100% lab tested for maximum purity.
-Zero amino spiking or altering.
-100% cold temp process

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Whey Factor 1 Bio Active Blend is Pureline’s 100% Non-Denatured Whey Matrix (Matrix meaning it combines both Whey Isolate and Concentrate for efficiency in delivery to the blood stream.) The product is ultra micronized for greater absorption has close to zero lactose and no aspartame.
When it comes to protein you have a right to be picky.With the advent of “Amino Spiking” to show that the protein content on the label is more than what is actually in the product it’s understandable that consumers have second thoughts!
You deserve the highest quality protein, with the best taste at a fair price and that’s where our Wfactor 1 Bio Blend comes in. Our original protein product has been a huge part of Pureline’s product offering for over 4 years and it continues to offer results and satisfaction to this day.
The numerous benefits of whey protein have been researched for decades, some of these include enhanced recovery, increased strength and lean muscle mass, immunity from sickness, bone strength and density and fat loss. Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey, whey protein is a staple ingredient in your success and should be used regularly by anyone looking to lose weight, build muscle or just maintain optimal health.
Whey Factor 1 Bio Blend is fortified with glutamine peptides and like all PureLine products it has been lab tested for 100% purity and potency. The product contains no fructose, salt or acidtreated whey and is made through a 100% cold temperature process. This process helps maintain the integrity of the protein fractions and the amino acids. When heat is used to manufacture protein the protein denatures and we lose the full effectiveness of the amino acid profile. Wfactor 1 can be used both as a protein supplement or as a meal replacement when combined with other foods.

Suggested Use:
As a protein supplement use 1-2 scoops per day before or after exercise.
As a meal replacement use 1-2 scoops and mix with BioFactor, dry oats, fruit or any other food or beverage that would help increase caloric levels enough to constitute a full meal

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