Anabolic Blast Stack


4 Week Stack Includes
Testojet BDS
All 8 Week Programs Include 2 x 4 Week Programs

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The Anabolic Blast Stack was designed to build slabs of thick, dense tissue with minimal water retention. We start with our original Pro-Hormone Formula Testojet BDS. Testojet has been one of our prized Pro-Hormones for years and the new version has been developed using a Bi-Layer Delivery system which allows for over 75% greater absorption than our dated capsule formula. This new and improved formula will increase strength, size and lean muscle quickly. Gains in the range of 12-15lbs per month are not uncommon.
We have also added in our MyoDrol formula which is our Myostatin inhibiting matrix. Myodrol works by shutting off the mechanism in the body which limits muscular growth. Myodrol will help promote an Anabolic effect and cause an increase in muscle tissue.
Last but certainly not least we have added in ArimiDx which is a proven anti-estrogen and testosterone elevating formula. By decreasing or eliminating estrogen we are able to create a dense lean look in the body without water retention or puffiness.
ArimiDx also increases natural testosterone levels so that users are able to maintain their gains once they are “Off Cycle.” This is a strong and effective cycle for those looking to put on lean and dry tissue without bloat.
How To Take it:
Testojet BDS — 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening
Myodrol — 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening
ArimiDX — 3 capsules per day, spaced out evenly throughout the day
(We recommend at least 8 weeks of continued use on these products for best results!)

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Anabolic Blast Stack

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