-All natural and herbal testosterone support to restore levels to peak production
-Bulgarian Tribulus not only increases natural testosterone, but also improves cardiovascular health
-All natural ingredients mean no harm to the liver or kidneys
-Enhances libido and vitality


Testoplex is a completely herbal blend of testosterone elevating ingredients which are designed to help restore lean mass, vigor and overall wellness to males who may be seeking testosterone replacement and or elevation. Of course, with increased testosterone levels comes increases in lean body mass and decreases in bodyfat.
As men age, testosterone levels start to decline and Testoplex can help combat this my promoting a natural release of testosterone through the body’s own pathways. Testoplex can be used after a pro-hormone or hormone based cycle or on its own when testosterone levels start to naturally decline.
Testoplex’s key ingredients are Bulgarian Tribulus with 45% Saponins, a ZMA blend for increased testosterone elevation as you sleep as well as a blend of Saw Palmetto and Hawthorne Berries for prostate health and wellness.
Most users notice the best results when taking 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules 30 minutes before bed.
A truly nice blend that delivers even better results when combined with T-Drive and PCT. Stacking Testoplex with T-Drive and/or PCT can increase testosterone by up to 65% within 30 days and delivery performance you can see and feel.
Suggested Use: Take 3 Capsules Before Bed on an Empty Stomach to naturally elevate Testosterone Levels.