Suggested Use – 2 Capsules Per Day with Meal


MyoDrol is referred to as a MyoGenic Inhibitor.  Essentially, the body has a regulating molecule that muscle releases called “Myostatin”…. Any time someone is taking a SARM, ProHormone or an Anabolic, they are sending signals to their muscle to grow.. The muscle will and is growing however it is also under the “Control of the Myostatin Molecule”…
Everybody has different levels of Myostatin and those who have less are able to grow more.. Scientist suspect this is what’s missing in those men and women who are able to attain extreme amounts of lean muscle tissue with ease. (Think Top IFBB Pro Bodybuilders!)
So .. the question becomes how do we eliminate or suppress the molecule?
Interestingly enough, there is a Phenol from plants called Epicatechin.. Epicatechin is essentially a plant phenol that triggers the release of a molecule called FOLLISTATIN.. Follistatin will prevent the “SIGNALING of MYOSTATIN” this essentially suppresses the amount of Myostatin that is released..
This amplifies the effectiveness of any SARM or Prohormone or Anabolic.. In the simplest of terms you end up getting better results from whatever compounds you may be taking….
Scientific studies are proving the effectiveness of Epicatechin and the benefits that it can add to any cycle or mass or recomposition phase are profound. This is a “Must Have” compound to accommodate any program and because it is a natural phenol it is completely legal and not regulated by any sports organization. This would also be a great compound for those looking to gain size without using a SARM or other muscle building compound.
Suggested Use – 2 Capsules Per Day with Meal