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10 Shockingly Fast Ways to Build Muscle and
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Hey Guys,

I hope this report finds you at a great place in your life and absolutely crushing your goals. This report is titled “10 Shockingly Fast Ways to Build Muscle and Change Your Physique.”

And…the reason I titled it as such is because that’s exactly what happens when you FIRST start going to the gym, working out and following a diet. Your physique/body changes shockingly fast!

In the beginning, each week brings visible changes in your body, strength increases, and fat seems to melt off.

But then something happens!

After months and months of going strong and radically changing your body, everything just comes to a complete STOP!

What seemed effortless a few months ago.. now seems almost impossible.

Some of The Biggest Challenges Include:

– Building Muscle or Losing Fat Completely Stops
– You Start Putting on Body-Fat
– Your Body Feels Tired and Wiped Out
– You Start to Feel Weaker Not Stronger
– Your Physique Looks Flat and Depleted
– Your Immune System Gets Weak

It’s almost as if your body hits a brick wall and no matter what you do, it just doesn’t respond!

Why is that?

You didn’t change anything… and, if you’re like me, you’re probably working out harder and longer than ever before but with fewer results to show for it.

This entire experience leads to what I call the

Did I lose you there?

Ok let me explain, a paradox is something that we consider to be an idea that sounds absurd but when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true.

To me, this idea, The Paradox of Progression, means that after a certain amount of time we fail to change our body or lose any more body-fat no matter how much more intensely we workout, our how meticulous our diet is…or how much extra cardio we do.

Things just SLOW DOWN.. and even though we press on the gas, we end up going backwards not forwards.

Does this sound familiar? Now here’s where the paradox comes in.

It’s actually by Doing Less or by “Re-Structuring” a few things in our program that we start to see our body respond again and start putting on muscle, changing, and dropping fat.

Our rationale mind says, “You Need to Train Harder, Do More Cardio and Eat Fewer Carbs!”

“We want to push on the gas when in reality we have to take our foot off the gas…stop, look at the engine and tune it up.”

So what exactly should you do when you find yourself hitting a brick wall or a plateau?

How Should You Proceed to “Re-Tune” Your Workouts and Re-Accelerate Your Progress?
For the purpose of this report I’ve zeroed in on 10 Things, that if applied, should get you right back on track again and start helping you change your physique rapidly fast again!

In No Particular Order:

1. Once you stop making progress on a particular movement, i.e., you can’t add any more weight or you can’t do any more reps.. then make changes in your routine. You may find that after a certain period of time you just can’t increase the weight any longer.. You have taken that
movement as far as you can.

This is when you need to move to a completely different movement for that muscle and stay with that movement for a period of 2-3 workouts before going back to the original.. You can also change the rep speeds or tempo of the original movement and use lighter weight.

2. Eliminate “Overtraining” This is a widely debated topic and some experts would have you believe that there is no such thing as overtraining, just under-eating. The truth is that overtraining is possible and the probability of overtraining increases when your eating less nutrient dense foods and not using the right recovery supplementation.

A simple rule of thumb is if a muscle is still sore it should not be trained. You can equate that to tearing open a wound that hasn’t properly healed. You wouldn’t do that would you?

You would wait for the wound to heal properly before exposing it to possible stress again. It’s the same thing with muscle tissue. Muscle is damaged through “Micro-Tears” during training, especially the eccentric or lower of the weight.

The damaged muscle must heal and become stronger before it’s exposed to the same type of stress again. Keep an eye on this and don’t train a muscle that is still damaged!

Don’t think that you have to train a body part 2-3 x per week to make it grown, (LESS IS MORE!) Most people can get great results by working a body part one time per week. Skeptical? Try it!

Train your chest extremely hard on Monday then don’t train it again for 7 days. I can almost guarantee you’ll be stronger on the 2nd workout. That means your muscle has grown, recovered and is stronger and subsequently larger than it was before.

Many “Experts” would have you believe that training a body part with more volume, multiple times per week will cause more growth, but scientifically that isn’t necessarily true… especially if your training the muscle hard enough one time per week.

3. Make sure you’re taking in the proper macro-nutrients to help increase lean muscle growth, recovery and strength. A good rule of thumb is to take in 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight and 2-3 grams of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight.. this should be spread evenly over 6 meals or “feedings” approximately every 3 hours from the time you wake up.

Essential dietary fats are usually present in the lean meats you eat. but it is beneficial to take in extra Essential Fats from a good omega supplement like Pure Essentials from Pureline Nutrition. I take 3 softgels, 3x per day. You can find those here:


Eating this way will ensure that your needs for protein, fats and carbohydrates are being met and that you’re giving your body what it needs for complete repair and recovery.

TIP: If you start to see that you’re adding body-fat with the increase in carbohydrates then slowly pull them down by about 50grams every 10 days until you reach a point where you’re growing while staying lean.

4.Take a good look at your supplementation and make sure you’re using the big 4. The big 4 are a Whey Protein Isolate (Isofactor 1,) a Glutamine product that has added “Sustamine,” like (GlutagenX) for enhanced recovery, 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate like (Creaload) and a Branched Chain Amino Acid like BCAA LINXs.

These are my BIG 4 which are always used no matter what. The best way to use these are immediately post-workout in shaker bottle. My personal recovery cocktail is:

– 2 Scoops of Isofactor Protein
– 10 Grams of Glutagen X with Sustamine
– 10 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate (Creaload)
– 9 Grams of Branched Chain Amino’s (BCAA LINXs)
– 50 Grams of Carbohydrates from Hypodex (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin)

Mix with 8 ounces of ice cold water and use post workout to produce an anabolic or muscle building/recovery response.

To ensure the absolute best recovery, repair and muscle growth possible, consume this within the 30-45 minute window post training.

I notice that when most guys hit a plateau and stop making progress it’s due to inadequate post-training nutrition.

When beginning or re-starting a training and physique enhancement program, the body is much more responsive to food and can do more with less. But as time progresses, and intensity levels increase, the body needs more “Raw Materials” to work with so that it can heal and grow
properly. This is why Recovery Supplementation is so important. You can find all these products on Pureline’s recovery page on our website:

5.Sleep! Sleep is extremely crucial if you’re training hard and trying to maximize your physique potential. If you’ve noticed that you find yourself “Fading” mid-afternoon and you seem to just not have the ability to go all day without taking a nap then you may need to adjust your sleeping habits.

More and more studies are showing how deprived humans are becoming from sleep and how it can not only affect your physique and your ability to change, but also your health and well being. A great book on the topic is “Why We Sleep” by Dr. Matthew Walker.

Dr. Walker is a neuroscientist who describes how sleep is truly the fountain of youth and when deprived of it, people are more susceptible to Alzheimers Disease, Depression, Anxiety, Obesity,Stroke and Heart Disease.

Needless to say if you’ve found that your body is simply non-responsive to your workouts, diet and supplementation then you may need to look at your sleep patterns and whether you are truly getting enough to help you recover.

I try and get at least 8 hours daily and I’ve noticed that as I get older if I get less sleep I just don’t perform as well.. Not only in the gym but also in my social and business life!

“You Don’t Want to Look Like This Do You?”

I’ve found that using a product called Rem-Rx by my company, Pureline Nutrition absolutely helps me sleep better and keeps me asleep for 8 hours. I also notice that I don’t wake up groggy when I use it.

Rem Rx has GABBA, Melatonin, 5 HTP and a host of herbal ingredients that are designed to help you sleep and wake up rested and restored. If you notice sleep is an issue try this out and I think you’ll be surprised by how much better you sleep and how alive you feel when you wake up!

6. Reassess your recovery time between workouts. Is it long enough? We naturally think that in order to keep growing, keep losing fat and keep our body’s changing that we need to increase the intensity of our training.

Some of the things we do include decreasing the time between sets to make our workouts more intense, or taking fewer days off so that we can get more workouts in! This added intensity can dig further into our recovery capability and actually become counter-productive.

Again this is the “Paradox of Progression” in action. To actually continue and progress you’ll have better success by increasing the time between sets and even adding a few extra days off between training sessions.

Of course, this only applies when you’re feeling run down and you’re noticing that your body is not responding no matter what you do. Usually this is because you’re overtrained. Try giving your body a little more rest between sets and workouts and see what happens.

7. Stretch, Foam Roll and get A.R.T… If you’re finding that progress has come to a halt then one definite area to look at is your soft tissue therapy.. or lack of it.… Are you doing any at all?

Soft tissues include tendons, joints, fascia, muscle tissue and all the areas of your body which are used and abused during your workouts. These areas, when damaged, are susceptible to damage, pain and injury. This can cause major setbacks in your progress.

The best solution is to foam roll regularly. Get on YouTube and find videos showing proper foam-rolling techniques and do this daily! Try and roll out and manipulate all the major muscles of the body, especially those that you have recently trained.

Once you’re done, stretch all your muscles for 15-20 minutes. This is extremely beneficial for recovery and for helping your body heal from training sessions. Another solution you may benefit from is A.R.T, or Active Release Therapy. A.R.T. can be done by a licensed A.R.T.
specialist in your area.

You’ll have to do a google search to find a good therapist but once you’ve found them, they can ease you through pain and injuries while allowing you to recover much faster than you normally might have. This will lead to continued progress and results in the gym. This is a big one! Don’t take my word for it, get it done!

8. Incorporate other forms of training into your workout routine. The body is an amazingly adaptive piece of machinery. It adapts to stimulus and stress very quickly and in order for you to continue making progress you need to constantly finds ways to “Re-Set” it.

One way is through trying other types of workouts. This could be doing functional training with sleds and medicine balls, or maybe adding in a few cross-training workouts each week. You
could also try less intense training to help your body and mind recover from weeks of heavy lifting.

I like to use swimming and hitting a punching bag for cardio while taking a few days off from weights. I notice that using my muscles in different ways than normal not only gives me a mental break from barbells and dumbbells, but also keeps me athletic and mobile.

If you’re noticing that you’re hitting a plateau, and your body is no longer responding to typical weight workouts, then instead of increasing the intensity of your workouts try interchanging your sessions with something completely different for a few days. You’ll be mentally and physically re-charged and re set for continued progress in the weight room.

9. Don’t be afraid to take a week off. Every once in awhile I’ll hear someone say, “That’s the first week I’ve taken off from the gym in 3 years!” I ask myself.. “Why??”

There is a misconception that you’re going to “Lose All Your Gains..” if you take even more than a few days off and that’s complete nonsense.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is take 5 or 6 days off from the gym and let your mind, body, hormonal system and muscular system recover before your next phase of training begins.

I have a few “Priority Clients” that I advise on training, nutrition and supplementation and I always make sure that 4 weeks of heavy training is followed by 5-6 days of “De-Loading” or rest.

In almost every case I find that after that 5 days the client comes back stronger, more mentally focused, and ready to beat their personal best.

A few days off from the gym is not going to kill you and is probably the most beneficial thing you can do… especially if you’ve come to a complete stop in your progress. Hence this is the “Paradox of Progression” in full effect.

10.Despite all your ambitions try and live a normal and balanced life. I find that some guys..and even some women, when they get involved in weight training, fitness and physique improvement, put all their energy and effort into it, even at the expense of other areas in their

It’s important that you have balance in all areas of life, especially your workouts. If you continually focus on your workouts, your diet and your body but don’t take time to enjoy friends, family and social outings.. then you will soon find yourself burned out and hitting a wall.

Try to incorporate your training into your lifestyle and not the other way around. Make it part of a paradigm of health and fitness that contributes to your overall personal health. I’ve found that the best way to do this is through a combination of daily meditation, and time management.

I try to make my workouts and my nutrition plan part of who I am but NOT who I am! This is extremely important for longevity in this game.

If you’re not balanced and continually trying to improve all aspects of your life then you’ll eventually succumb to burn out and exhaustion in the one are (like your training/workouts) that you are “Hyper-Focused” on.
“Remember all Things in Moderation”

Well that’s it! Those are my 10 Shockingly Fast Ways to Build Muscle and Change Your Physique. Even if you take just one of them and apply it to your training, diet or lifestyle I’m sure you’ll be better for it and I’m sure your progress will take off again.. just as it did when you first started working out.

Remember all things in moderation. Stay focused and strive for continual improvement in all areas of your life. If you have any questions, or if you just wanted to let me know you read the report or listened to the pod-cast about it, then send me an email at:

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