-Unique formula blocks body’s production and circulation of estrogen
-Gives the body a leaner, drier, and harder appearance
-Can be used alone or with muscle building protocol to maximize testosterone levels


It has long been understood and feared by most that running a strong pro-hormone cycle could possibly lead to water retention, estrogen build up and a bloated puffy look. With increases in circulating testosterone also come increases in circulating estrogen (the primary female hormone) which is responsible for that soft feminine appearance.

With this and gyno being a worrisome matter when cycling ph’s its often been suggested that a good “Anti-Aromatase” or Anti-Estrogen be used during cycle and post cycle. Until now there were really no formulas available that could help in this area. Arimi -DX is our answer to that.

Arimi-DX uses a unique formula which helps limit the production of and block circulating estrogen. This leads to a harder more grainy appearance during a PH cycle and can even help users maintain a radically lower body-fat level. The beauty of Arimi-DX is that you can now use the stronger “Mass Compounds” like Mass Suspension, Testojet and Mass Caps without worrying about getting puffy and bloated.

Arimi-DX also is welcomed during the PCT phase of your cycle. Because estrogen levels tend to rise post cycle we see the body get softer. This is due to a decline in testosterone and a corresponding increase in Estrogen Levels.

Arimi-DX can be used Post Cycle to eliminate this and it will help increase natural testosterone levels as part of an even stronger PCT program. Arimi-DX is a “Must Have” addition to any serious PH Cycle or Post Cycle Therapy. Leaner, Harder and Denser muscle tissue will be the result of the addition of Arimi-DX to your cycle.

Suggested Use: 3 Capsules Per Day for the duration of your cycle and during your PCT program.