XP/T3 Ultimate Fat Burning Stack



Recently we were asked, “what’s the most effective fat loss stack you manufacture?” It made us stop and think.. Yes, we have several effective stacks but we knew that there were some new and innovative ingredients available to our researchers that we had not yet formulated into products.

Then we asked ourselves, “what are we waiting for?” And with that came the development of Thyrotropin T3.. This is a truly unique product which has a combination of profoundly effective ingredients to stimulate Thyroid Output and Metabolic Rate. Some of the compounds in Thyrotropin can increase metabolism by up to 400% in just 30 minutes. Thyrotropin is completely stimulant free and has no added caffeine or other ingredients that may not agree with our stimulant sensitive clients. As a stand-alone product T3 works fast and literally melts fat off your abdominals, hips and thighs quickly. 

But..the original question was “what was the most effective fat loss stack you manufacture?” So with that in mind and with the development of Thyrotropin T3, it’s simple to say that combining Thyrotropin with XP2G After Shock would create what we refer to as “The Ultimate Fat Loss Stack.”

  This combination has absolutely no rivals when it comes to burning, peeling and stripping layers of fat off your body. In fact our research has shown that by using T3 and XP AfterShock in a combination, you can burn up to 65% more fat than just using XP AfterShock alone. That’s an outstanding increase in fat/weight loss and it certainly is much more when combined with the proper nutrition and exercise components.
The Ultimate Fat Loss Stack is our final answer to the most intense and powerful fat loss stack available today. If you’re only using a fat burner and not adding in a metabolic enhancer like Thyrotropin T3 then you’re only losing 1/2 the fat you could be! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to drop 3-4lbs of nasty body fat per week.. Just add the ultimate fat loss stack into your supplement arsenal and watch your body change daily as you look in the mirror.
How Do You Take It
Thyrotropin T3 – 1 capsule first thing in the morning and 1 capsule 6-8 hours later.
XP2G AfterShock – 1 capsule first thing in the morning and 1 capsule 6-8 hours later.
(Note: Both products can be taken together at the same time.)

Additional information

XP/T3 Ultimate Fat Burn Stack

XP2G After Shock, Thyrotropin