Stim X Fat Melting System


4 Week Package Contains
2- Raspberry Ketones
2- Garcinia
2- CLA
1- XP2G PM
All 8 Week Programs Include 2 x 4 Week Programs


Let’s face it we are built differently. Some of us can drink a cup of coffee before bed and still sleep like a rock! Others who have caffeine after 8pm have trouble sleeping and can be up all night! Regardless of our individual body chemistry, we all have one thing in common and that’s the need for a little boost in the weight-loss & fat shredding department!
If you’re sensitive to stimulants or want to take something while you’re not using a stimulant based fat burner then our Stimulant Free Fat Melting System is for you! This is an extremely safe and stimulant free system that can be used safely by anyone looking to shed 8-10lbs of fat fast and especially by those who can’t deal with some of the ingredients in other fat burners.
We start with a combination of Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia. Each of these ingredients have sound science-based studies showing their ability to promote the use of stored fat as fuel during exercise while also helping to keep appetites suppressed.
Using these during the day will help the body break down fat and burn it. We’ve also added CLA because of it’s natural ability to ensure that even more fat is being burned! Lastly, we finished up our system with XP2G PM. this is our nighttime fat loss product which helps to keep the fat loss fire burning around the clock! Taken nightly XP2G PM will help support continued metabolic health and ensure that the fat is being pulled off even while you sleep!
Although Stimulant Free, this stack does work and will peel off fat even in the toughest of cases. However, the key to this system is making sure that you follow the protocol exactly like it’s outlined.  Try not to miss a dose as this makes a difference in the grand scheme of things! Using this stack for 4-8 weeks will help eliminate stubborn fat and get you back to where you want to be!
(We recommend at least 8 weeks of continued use of this cycle for best results!)
How To Take It:
Daily Use:
– Raspberry Ketones — 2 capsules with meal 1 and meal 3
– Garcinia — 2 capsules before your mid day meal, and last meal of the day
– CLA — 4 soft gels with meal 1 and meal 3
– XP2G PM — 2 capsules 30 minutes before bed

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Stim X Fat Melting System

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