XP2G Inferno




When you’ve tried absolutely everything to lose weight and still can’t… it’s time for XP2G “Inferno.” This is the 3rd and probably most effective XP2G fat loss product in the XP2G “Family!”

Designed to delivery strong and effective fat burning support with absolutely zero jitteriness, no crash and zero discomfort, XP2G “Inferno” is the fat burner that will get the job done.

The effective ingredient blend in XP2G “Inferno” was designed to help do several things including:

  1. Increase Metabolic Rate and Stimulate Metabolism
  2. Mobilize Stored Fat to be Used as Energy
  3. Suppress and Destroy Carbohydrate and Sugar Cravings
  4. Target Hip, Thigh and Abdominal Fat
  5. Allow More Fat to be Burned While at Rest

XP2G “Inferno” is the perfect “Change-Up” for those who have been using XP2G AfterShock or XP2G Black for a pro-longed period of time and are not seeing the same results. Switching to XP2G “Inferno” will “Jump Start” metabolic rates and help re-ignite fat loss once again.

XP2G “Inferno’s” unique blend makes it great for both beginners and intermediate users. It delivers a clean and up-lifting feeling of energy while boosting fat loss by over 60%. XP2G “Inferno” will help you get more fat loss out of your workout and dieting efforts.

XP2G “Inferno” works best when taken with non-stimulatory fat loss products such as T3-Thyrotropin. This can be found in our XP Inferno Stacks on our main page. If you’re ready to stimulate fat loss and finally get rid of that 5, 10 or 20lbs that have been clinging to your body then XP2G “Inferno” will do the job and do it fast!