XP2G PM formula was designed to be used alongside XP2G as a nightime fat-loss stimulator.  Along with XP2G, the PM formula will help stimulate and mobilize stubborn bodyfat while an individual rests.

A blend of two groundbreaking amino acids work together to increase nightime relase of Growth Hormone which in turn stimulates the metabolic rate and produces an increase in caloric expenditure.  This in turn results in weight loss.

Along with the amino acid blend, XP2G PM Formula offers a the body a relaxing and resting sleep which is needed for optimal metabolic function.  Users have reported losing an additional 1-2lbs of body-fat per week when combining the XP2G Day time formula with the PM formula.

Suggested Use: Take 2 Capsules 30 minutes before bed with 6-8oz of water.