Female Burn it System


4 Week System Contains
1- XP2G Aftershock
1- XP2G PM
2- CLA
2- Garcinia
2- Raspberry Ketones
All 8 Week Programs Include 2 x 4 Week Programs

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This exclusive program was designed for women who need to shed fat fast and have zero time to wait. The items picked for this combination of products will help slash fat off your body and will specifically target the hips, thighs and those hard to lose “Stubborn Spots” that plague women.
If you’re looking to lose a quick 10-20lbs then look no further, this is the stack for you! If taken correctly you will see energy levels rise, fat melt and your figure restored. We utilized both our daytime and nighttime fat loss products (XP2G After Shock and XP2G PM) to help keep the metabolic furnace working 24 hours and then added Garcinia Cambogia for it’s proven ability to decrease the rate at which carbohydrates can be stored as fat.
Garcinia is also able to increase serotonin levels in the brain which helps keep your appetite in check while increasing feelings of wellness. We also added CLA which has the highly recognized ability to increase the amount of fat that will be burned during exercise.. So if you’re using CLA daily and working out, more of your workouts will be fueled by stored body-fat causing great long term fat loss!
Lastly we added Raspberry Ketones to the Stack for its proven ability to help the body breakdown fat and use it as energy. By approaching fat loss from several different angles we have literally created the most powerful program for burning fat currently available!
How To Take It:
Daily Use:
– XP2G Aftershock — 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon (no later than 6 pm)
– XP2G PM — 2 capsules 30 minutes before bed
– CLA — 4 soft gels with meal 1 and meal 3
– Garcinia — 2 capsules before your mid day meal, and last meal of the day
– Raspberry Ketones — 2 capsules with meal 1 and meal 3
(For optimal results, we suggest at least 8 weeks of continued use)

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Female Burn it System

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