-Convenient three phase formula providing testosterone production, estrogen control and liver detoxification
-indole-3-carbinol, Chrysin and Resvereratrol work together to naturally reduce estrogen levels in the body
-Testofen helps boost natural testosterone levels, providing lean muscle support and optimal energy
-PCT restores liver function and health, as well as reduced elevation of liver enzymes


PCT or (Post Cycle Therapy) was meant to be taken by those individuals who are either completing a pro-hormone or other type of anabolic treatment or those men over 35 who are experiencing a decline in natural testosterone levels with the natural aging process.

Post Cycle Therapy addresses those issues that come with a decline in natural testosterone output.

When taking any chemical testosterone formula, such as those found in Testobolan or other Anabolics, you will ultimately reach a point where you must “come off.”  At this point natural testosterone output is lowered because of the supplemental testosterone you may have been using.

During this time it’s also natural for estrogen levels to rise which can lead to storage of excess body-fat, a watery and soft appearance, and an overall decline in strength, libido and energy.

PCT utilizes Indole-3-Carbinol, Chrysin and Resveratrol which together help support  natural and healthy testosterone levels while keeping estrogen and excess estrogen side effects at bay.

The testosterone support blend which uses Testofen as well as three other strong Testosterone Elevating compounds has worked time and time again in even the most challenging cases of declining tesoterone levels.

PCT also has a liver support blend to help restore and regenerate natural liver function.  PCT is not only for those who are looking to restore testosterone after a pro-hormone or other anabolic cycle but also for men over 40 who are interested in keeping their testosterone levels at or above normal.

Our Recommendation for superior testosterone health is to combine PCT with TESTOPLEX and T-DRIVE.  This without a doubt will help raise and increase testosterone to its maximum levels for optimal health, wellness and physical well-being.

Suggested Use:  Use 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach.