Training – Pre and Post

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Katie Becker- Model and 1Up Nutrition Affiliate

Fitness has always been important in my life but about two years ago I took it very serious.
I decide I want to compete and I did, I won third place at my very first competition. I was extremely happy.

Now working out and eating clean became my lifestyle.
Usually I start my day at the gym.
Every morning I take a fat burner Make her lean by 1upnutrition, which gives me energy and also controls my appetite.
( Take 2pill one before breakfast, 2nd before lunch)
Also taking daily cleanse which helps to boost your metabolism.
CLA natural fat burner -take it with your meal, 3 times a day.
Before heading to the gym I put together my supplements.
I drink a bottle of water mixed with 1Up Pro pump Green apple which is my favorite flavor.
I use a second bottle of water for my BCAA&Glutamine. It is very important to drink while you train, it supports muscle gains and important for recovery.
An other bottle of water for my L Carnitine and mix it with Aminos. Drinking those you can maximize fat burning.

During the workout focus on your muscles, it sounds weird but you have to be there in your head too and you will see the result faster.
Post workout, no later then 30 minutes make sure you drink a protein shake, without that you won’t gain muscle. You need to feed them! Personally my favorite shake is the Coconut ice cream by ieatprotein. But they have different flavors as well.
I always try to make time for an evening run, just 3 miles but at least 4 times a week.
I like to separate the weight lifting and cardio but sometimes I do stairmaster after weights as well. If I go for a second run. I’ll drink L Carnitine to maximize the fat burning again.
Before bed I take 2pill of Beauty Dream by 1upnutrion. It’s gonna help you to get a good night sleep and also function as a fat burning while you sleep.
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Katie Becker
Fitness model

A few words from:

Albert Ochoa-Personal Trainer

I typically start my day of training clients at 4am until late morning. Once I’m done it’s “me time”. So what do I carry inside my gym bag? Most important item(s) first! My Athos Smart clothing to maximize my works out using cutting edge sports and fitness technology and of course my gloves, towel (for wiping off equipment), mp3 player, and my trusted pre, intra and post workout powders. Pre-workout/intra-workout is Crank Ultra has perfect amounts of caffeine, Beta Alanine and creatine monohydrate for about an hour and a half of energy mixed with Hypodex (multi dextrine product). One scoop of each in 16-18oz of water. I drink half of it 30 minutes prior to my workout and sip the rest throughout my workout. This gives me great pumps and focus for about an hour and a half. Once I’m done, I complete my routine with  one scoop of GlutagenX and one scoop of Hypdex in 10-12oz of water for maximum recovery.

I also make sure to start my day with my daily intake of supplement support for proper health such as: Body Armor multivitamin, CLA, EFA’s and a couple more items that you can read about in my Nutrition page about daily supplements and its importance inside and outside of the gym.