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XP2G is a core product in the PureLine burn series.  It is by far the most popular fat burning product that we carry and has been for over 8-9 years.  Bottom line; you take XP2G and you lose weight!  Every time!

XP2G has a blend of various herbs including a unique type of ephedra, caffeine and guarana.  It also contains a unique blend of appetite suppressants and thermogenic (heat producing) elements that give it superb weight loss ability.

XP2G Essentially Works in 3 Ways:

  1. Increases overall energy levels – By increasing the energy level of the user it allows for more work/exercise and or other activity to be done.  This in turn leads to a caloric deficit and helps peel fat off the body.
  2. Suppression of Appetite – The appetite is greatly suppressed by the herbal forms of ephedra and hoodia in the unique formula.  Because of this cravings for carbohydrates and sugars are minimized and this in turn helps individuals stay more consistent with their eating habbits.
  3. Increase in core body temperature – The blend of ingredients also increases the core body temperature of the user and forces the body to work “overtime” to keep itself cooled off.  This in turn burns more calories and hence you have a 3 phase fat burning approach to fat loss!

Suggested Use:

XP2G should be started slowly with only 1 caplet/capsule daily for best results.  If the user feels ok with 1 capsule in the morning then they can increase dose to 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon.  It’s recommended that the user stay at that dose although there are some people who can tolerate 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules around 4 pm.

We don’t recommend the high dose although some people will and can tolerate it.  The effects with XP are felt within 15-30 minutes as it reaches the blood stream quickly and within this time the user will have increased energy and feel slightly warm.  We recommend that the users of XP2G not combine it with other stimulants including coffee, monster, pre-workout powders with caffeine etc.  The product alone will do more than any of these other stimulants and offers a much cleaner form of natural energy.

It’s also advised that users do not take this formula after 5pm as it can cause difficulty sleeping.