Mojo Rapid Release Spray


-100% all natural formula
-Results in as little as 15 minutes
-Promotes strong blood flow
-Increases stamina and energy levels

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Mojo Rapid Release Spray provides everything our Mojo “Original Formula” does but with the convenience and speed of an oral spray. Sometimes taking a pill before that special moment can be inconvenient, that’s where Mojo Spray comes into play. Just 3-4 sprays in the mouth on an empty stomach and you’ll be ready for whatever adventure lies ahead in just 15-20 short minutes. The Mojo Rapid Release Spray is extremely powerful and works fast. It is recommended that men start with 3 sprays to assess tolerance before increasing to 4 sprays.
Mojo Rapid Release Spray is the future of Male Enhancement and will leave you and your partner very impressed! For best results combine Mojo Spray with Mojo Max for daily use and T Drive for increased Testosterone Elevation. Men, what are you waiting for?
Suggested Use: 3-4 Sprays in mouth followed by plenty of water. Use on an empty stomach for best and quickest results.