KreAlkalyn unflavored



Kreakalyn is a registered and patented version of Creatine that does not convert to creatinine.  Simply put this means that this is a 100% stable version of Creatine.

<strong>It is thought that Creatine Monohydate is somewhat unstable in liquid and by utilizing the Kreakalyn version we can achieve 100% stabilization thereby resulting in extremely high absorption.</strong>

For the user/athlete this means less Kreakalyn is needed to perform the same function of regular creatine monohydrate.  <strong>There are also no side effects like bloating, indigestion and kidney stress.</strong>

Because Kreakalyn is 100% stable there is no need for loading or cycling on and off like typical creatine products.

PureLine’s 100% buffered and stable Kreakalyn is optimal for men who have had problems with typical creatine products or women who would like the strength and endurance effects associated with creatine but <strong>without the bloat and water retention that can sometimes accompany typical creatine monohydrate.</strong>

<strong>Suggested Use: Use 1 unflavored scoop(of 1-2x per day mixed with your favorite beverage.</strong>

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Weight 2.0 lbs