-The absolute strongest formula Pureline Nutrition carries.
-Proven ingredients for the most raw and intense training experience
-Extreme concentrated formula for immediate absorption

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BetaGem will be the most intense “Pre Training Formula” you’ve ever tried. This is unlike any other pre workout you’ve ever experienced. It first gives you laser focus and then literally fills your body with “High Impact” energy that will drive you through the most brutal training sessions and take your lifts and your endurance never experienced levels.

BetaGem is essentially a combination of several remarkable stimulants, three extreme endurance producing compounds, and the most powerful muscle gorging volume enhancers in existence. With a steady dose of the now-infamous 1,3 Dimethyl, Betagem is a crowd favorite. It pushes, pushes and then keeps pushing!
If you’re about to train hard and need a vicious rush of energy then look no further! This is the formula for guys who have tried everything out there and need something much much stronger!
WARNING: BetaGem is not for beginners, it is a powerful pre-training formula only designed for serious athletes who are accustomed to strong stimulation
Suggested Use: Start with 1/2 scoop to assess tolerance! Take 1 full scoop 20 minutes before training with 5-6oz. of water

*For ridiculous pumps add 1 scoop of Plasmavol V2 to Betagem

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