The Ultimate Growth Cocktail


-Extreme Changes in Body Composition
-Increased Fat Loss and Muscle Hardness
-Definition, Lean Mass and Vascularity
-Zero Water Retention, Zero Bloat
-Size, Strength and Fat Loss

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The Ultimate Growth Cocktail is a combination of Testojet, Epishred and PrimoVar. It will help the user create a lean, dense and hard physique with very little water or fat. The skin will appear very thin and vascularity will be evident after the first several days. This cycle will help promote a thick and dense look that screams conditioning and athleticism.
The use of Testojet as the base product will increase lean muscle mass by at least 8-10 lbs per month. The addition of Epishred will help not only add more muscle but also help solidify the muscle and make sure that the gains being achieved are solid and not bloat or water. Together the Epishred and Testojet create a very very solid appearance for all uses. Lastly the addition of Primo-Var has been added in to provide a nice “Polish” to the physique and really make it stand out in the gym or in the club. The Primo-Var will help increase fat loss while adding just a final touch of lean muscle to the body.