DHEA is hormone naturally produced by the human body.  As people age DHEA levels tend to go down and this can result in a host of issues such as sexual dysfunction, depression, schizophrenia, weak bones, mental focus, obesity, menopause, diabetes and more.

DHEA levels can be supplemented through the use of PureLine’s DHEA 50mg. capsule.

1 capsule daily may help support overall health and wellness and could possibly be a defense against some of the above issues.

DHEA is also used by athletes to help promote muscle mass, strength and energy.  Women may use it to improve overall wellness and health (especially when dealing with menopause.) 

DHEA is also very effective in treating sexual dysfunction and can be part of a larger testosterone elevating program which could include products like Testoplex, T-Drive and PCT.

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule of DHEA daily with meals.