Recovery Enhancer and Sleep Support
It’s 12am…you’re tired, exhausted and your head is spinning with things you
need to get done.
You’ve been hitting the gym hard and your pre-workout is keeping you up!
You have to be up by 7am but you just can’t sleep. You’ve tried typical “Sleep
Aids” but they leave you groggy and tired in the morning. What if there was
something you could take that would put you into a deep, restful and recuperative
sleep and that would leave you feeling fresh, alive and full of energy when you
woke up.
REM-RX was designed to do just that. In fact, REM-RX’s unique ingredient
profile helps “CALM” or reduce brain activity naturally so you can “SHUT
OFF” and rest. REM-RX also helps reduce anxiety, tension and naturally blocks
Insomnia so that your body can get deep restful REM Sleep.
REM-RX also is dosed with a touch of Melatonin to help the pineal gland adjust
to and regulate sleep and wake cycles throughout the month. The natural Sleep
Blend in REM-RX is not only designed to help create restful deep sleep but also
help support recovery.
If your training hard… then next to food, your most important ally is recovery.
REM-RX ensures that you are getting the recovery you need for tissue repair,
immunity support and overall health and energy. REM-RX can be used as
needed during times when your sleep patterns are challenged or during calorie
REM-RX can also be used daily without any propensity for addiction or reliance
on the product. It is a 100% safe and natural sleep-aid that works with your body
to create the rest necessary for recovery.
Suggested Use: Take 2 Capsules 30 minutes before bed on an empty stomach
for fastest results.