Pure Cleanse Capsules



Pure Cleanse Colon Complex is a sister product designed to be used in conjunction with Pure Cleanse ANF liquid formula for a complete detoxification and cleansing protocol. Pure Cleanse Capsules have been designed with a blend of herbs which help to promote a gentle but effective release of toxic buildup from the small and large intestine.

The formula is designed to do two things; first it neutralizes toxic waste in the system so that it’s no longer harmful to the body and then it helps flush the system of this waste so that the body can stay purified and revitalized.

Pure Cleanse Capsules were designed to be used for 30 days after completion of the “8 Day Detoxification Flush” with Pure Cleanse ANF Liquid.

The liquid acts by detoxifying the kidney, liver, blood stream and other vital organs and the capsules are designed to clean the body’s filtering system (intestines) so that it no longer continues to hold the waste that is releasing toxins back into the system.

By keeping the body cleansed we can eliminate toxic waste buildup and the subsequent release of waste into the blood stream (Immunotoxcicity.) This can lead to a variety of health problems including; lethargy, sluggishness, bloating, headaches and other sickness.

Pure Cleanse Capsules also serve the function of adding needed fiber to diets low in fiber.

For those who follow high protein diets low in fibrous vegetables, pure cleanse capsules can be taken daily for the sole benefit of added fiber.

Suggested Use:  Take 3 capsules per day spread over three meals or all together at breakfast or dinner.