Plasmavol V2 Apple Melon


PlasmaVol is an Arginine Hybrid Formula (Pureline has incorporated 3 distinctive raw arginine ingredients in the formula.)

PlasmaVol can be used to enhance blood flow to the muscular system and can be added to an existing pre-workout formula for intense blood flow and massively ridiculous pumps.

PlasmaVol is also a great option for those who want the advantages of increased blood flow from a pre-workout but without the stimulants present in most pre-workout formulas. This flavorless formula can be added to any shake, pre, intra or post workout.


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Skin Splitting Pumps, Extreme Vascularity and Blood Engorgement. These are just a few of the feelings our users are experiencing when using our new Plasmavol V2. This unique Plasma product offers a blend of 2 fast acting Arginine sources in the form of Alpha Ketoglutarate and Pyrogluatmate.

These two compounds have been found to immediately increase Nitric Oxide levels which results in fuller and tighter pumps during workouts and long after. Some of our users report what they call the “Perpetual Pump.”

This is basically a feeling of tightness and fullness long after their initial dose of Plasmavol V2. Added to this blend is the unique compound Hydromax which is a patented and highly concentrated form of glycerol and silica.

The end result of adding this to our Plasmavol formula is extreme muscle hydration and superior pumps. By using a combination of both Arginine for Nitric Oxide Production and HydroMax for water-based pumps, Plasmavol V2 is the premier pump product on the market.

To finish Plasmavol V2 off we have added both Beta Vulgaris (a new nitric oxide release fraction) which adds to the already potent pump blend of Arginine and Hydormax.

Lastly we’ve added BCAA’s to help ensure recovery, support and energy. The Plasmavol V2 Nitric Oxide formula is an incredible pump and fullness product that will produce results within 10-20 minutes of use. Plasmavol V2 can be combined with your favorite Pre Workout or used as a stand alone stimulant free pre-workout/pump enhancing product.

Suggested Use:

Men and Women: 1 Scoop mixed in 8oz of water 30 minutes before workouts, either with or without a High Stim Pre-Workout Formula like Enject or Crank.


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