Myotrophic Growth Stack


– Thick Muscular Gains
– Dense and Vascular Lean Tissue
– Strength Size and Muscle Fullness
– Plateau Elimination Anabolic Agent

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The Myotrophic Growth Stack has the same characteristics as the basic Epishred program but
with the addition of Myodrol and ArimiDx.
Essentially this stack is for the guy who wants to get a really lean athletic look similar to
an MMA or Cross Fit Physique. The idea is to create an environment that not is solely about
growth and mass for the sake of it, but more a functional type of size.
Users of this stack will find that they shred down rather quickly while simultaneously losing
water weight and hardening up. This is more than likely a result of the Anti-Estrogenic effect of
the ArimiDx. Together with Epishred, the ArimiDx will help “DRY OUT” the physique and
rid the body of subcutaneous water and fat.
Epishred combines two very potent compounds (19 NorAndro and EpiAndro) with some
natural Testosterone Elevating compounds. (Byroviron and Safe Musli).. The Byroviron
actually increases Free Testosterone so you will essentially get 20-30% greater
effectiveness from the same dose.
We also added Myodrol to the mix to further accelerate the rate at which lean muscle is
obtained. Because Myodrol indirectly affects Myostatin (The Muscle Regulating Gene,) we are
able to ensure that all “Gateways Are Open” for muscle growth and lean size.
Again the gains that one can expect to see with this Combination are
somewhere in the range of 8-12lbs of lean tissue per month but with an accompanying
10-11lbs of fat loss as well.. This of course depends on the amount of fat a user has.
This is a very clean cycle designed to really “Showcase” the physique and create a nice look
that is admired in and out of the gym.
Suggested Use:
Epishred – Take 1 tablet 2x per day with meals.
ArimiDx – Take 1 capsule 3x per day with meals
Myodrol – Take 2 capsules any time per day with a meal.
PCT: It is highly recommended to follow a rigorous PCT protocol with T Drive, Testoplex and
PCT and ArimiDx for 4 week post cycle. After this take an additional 4 weeks off everything.