Mojo Maintenance System


Stack Includes
1 Mojo Max
2 Mojo 6ct ,
1 Testoplex
1 MV3 Tri-phase Male Support System

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The Mojo Maintenance System was designed for men who take their performance serious and want a combination of products that has them ready for any occasion, any time. It’s also for men who are looking beyond basic male-performance needs to improve overall health, energy and wellness.
For that reason we’ve combined our tried and true Mojo with Mojo Max for daily testosterone maintenance. We have also added in MV3 our Men’s Multivitamin Pack for daily use. This formula ensures wellness, recovery, immune system support and improved energy levels. Together this combination will keep any man ready to perform inside and outside the bedroom.  Taken daily, Mojo Max, Testoplex and MV3, will improve baseline testosterone levels and ensure that all the bases are covered when it comes to improved male health, and performance.
How To Take It: Daily:
– Mojo Max — 2 capsules in the morning
– Mojo — 1 capsule 20 minutes before activity on an empty stomach
– Testoplex — 3 capsules before bed
– MV3 – take 1 full pack with first meal of the day