Meso Factor 500 5lb

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Meso Factor 500 is complete weight gain stimulator that has been designed to promote lean gains without adding unwanted body-fat.  Unlike typical gainers, Meso has no added sugar so even at 500+ calories you still get less than 6 grams of sugar. 

This is almost impossible to do with food or any other Clean 500 calorie meal. MesoFactor 500 uses a complete 80 gram carbohydrate blend using corn as the base.

It goes further by offering 35 grams of protein from triple filtered/cold processed whey concentrate.  We then added medium chain triglycerides to promote long lasting energy for grueling workouts.

MesoFactor500 is a complete meal replacement formula for extremely Hard Gainers or bodybuilders in need of a calorie dense meal without added calories.  We recommend using it first thing in the morning and post workout for best results.

Suggested Use: Mix 4 scoops with ice cold water or low fat milk then blend and enjoy.

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