Isofactor 0 Carb Protein

-Zero carb, zero sugar, zero fat, pure 100% whey isolate protein
-Lactose and gluten free for the purest form of protein available
-Incredibly creamy and delicious formula that is micro-filtered and hydrolyzed for absorption
-Zero bloat or digestive issues

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After countless requests for a 100% carb free, Zero Sugar, Minimal Lactose and Aspartame Free Whey Isolate we finally persevered and delivered.

The problem with most isolates lies in being able to flavor them correctly. Because Whey Isolate is such a Pure Protein source, manufacturers end up sacrificing taste just to deliver a product. We realize that our clients are after a combination of quality, taste and purity. Although it took us countless months in the lab to get this one right, the result was a definitive success!

This minimal lactose and gluten free whey isolate is easily absorbed, tastes remarkably delicious and will not cause bloating or indigestion. Isofactor 1 is truly an amazingly high quality protein blend and can be used in combination with Biofactor 1 as a meal replacement or as a stand alone protein for daily use.

Isofactor 1 is easily digested and can be combined with BCAA’s, Glutamine, Creatine and other supplements without clumping or becoming gritty. Protein Isolate has been found to have a host of benefits over concentrates including rapid absorption and increased bio-availability.

Isofactor1 is best used first thing in the morning to deliver protein and amino’s into the blood stream quickly as well as immediately following a workout to help shuttle amino acids deep into the muscular system for faster recovery.

IsoFactor1 is cross-flow micro filtered whey isolate which is hormone free and is sourced from dairy farms which only raise grass fed cows. It’s without a doubt the highest quality and most delicious whey isolate on the market.

suggested use: As a protein supplement take 1-2 scoops mixed in 6-8oz of ice cold water or your favorite beverage and blend, shake or stir.

As a Meal Replacement: Mix 1-2 scoops (depending on protein needs) with 1-2 scoops of Biofactor 1 (depending on carbohydrate needs) you want the absolute purest an best protein possible there is no other choice but Isofactor 1.



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