The Supreme Solution


– Most Complete Program Available
– Intense Growth and Hardening Cycle
– Fullness, Size and Density
– Complete Protocol For The Ultimate Physique
– Mass, Size, Fullness and Hardness

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The supreme solution is designed to be just that… “The Supreme Solution” when all else fails or when
you have absolutely no room for error in creating your best physique ever! Whether your goal is
to get contest or photo ready, or just get into the absolute best shape of your life..
This program starts with our two most coveted and powerful Pro-Muscle Building Hybrid Formulas;
Testojet BDS and Epishred BDS. Together these two formulas make up the foundation of this
cycle. With both Mass and Conditioning factored in, we have combined three powerful muscle building compounds into one of the most complete Body Morphing Programs available .. Period!
The gains with this cycle are almost instantaneous. Within just a few days you’ll notice muscle
tissue start to harden up and dry out. Strength, Muscle Fullness and Volume will increase
and your “Pump” in the gym will be out of this world! In fact.. you will actually retain the
fullness and volume from your pump 24 hours per day.
Haven’t you told yourself, “Man if I could look this pumped all day, I’d be happy!” Well .. that’s
exactly what you’ll experience with this cycle. The blend of Epishred and Testojet together
create the most Optimized Muscle Building Environment possible through Advanced Supplementation,
and given your training and diet are in order, you’ll start to see results within the very first week!
Now, we are convinced that together, Epishred and Testojet will provide you with the
absolute ultimate in Muscle Growth, Hardness and Density but we also know that there is a
“Limiting Factor” in how much muscle your body is able to build/grow. This is because of the
Myostatin gene.. which basically regulates muscle growth. Our addition of Myodrol to this cycle
as a “Myostatin Blocking Agent” helps us “Open the Gateway for Growth” and allow for the
body to acquire lean muscle at an extremely rapid pace!
Epishred, Testojet and Myodrol work from three completely different pathways to help
bring your physique to never before seen levels of size, density and thickness. But we
didn’t stop with just those two agents.. In fact, we decided to help the body maintain natural
testosterone levels through the cycle..
This was done to ensure that the body was getting not only higher Testosterone Elevation from
supplemental sources but also from the body’s own natural pathways. T Drive helps increase
T-levels and maintain constant Testosterone Elevation through the cycle. This means
even greater gains in lean muscle and a reduction of any possible Testosterone suppression.
Lastly to help further this end, ArimiDx has been added which has the clinically supported
ingredient; Arimistane. This compound completely eliminates estrogen buildup and rebound
thereby preventing any sides which may be associated with muscle building compounds including, water
retention and puffiness. This also works to help keep your natural Testosterone production in
check when on cycle.
Users of this cycle will notice very very drastic increases in lean muscle growth,
recovery, size and overall muscle quality. Gains in the range of 20lbs every 40 days are not
untypical given the proper diet and training program is followed. It is highly recommended that
a high protein intake be followed when on this cycle as protein absorption and synthesis will be
greatly improved. This of course results in faster muscle growth and rapid size gains.
Calories and nutrients will be used at a faster rate and body-fat loss will be notable.. Especially
on a calorie restricted diet. The Final Solution is the ultimate cycle for growth, hardness
and muscle definition. The maximum cycle length is 12 weeks and should be followed by a 4
week PCT program and then an additional 4 weeks off all supplements.
Suggested Use:
Testojet – Take 1 tablet 2x per day with meals.
Epishred – Take 1 tablet 2x per day with meals.
T Drive – Take 1 capsules 2 x per day with meals.
ArimiDx – Take 1 capsule 3x per day with meals
Myodrol – Take 2 capsules any time per day with a meal.
PCT: It is highly recommended to follow a rigorous PCT protocol with T Drive, Testoplex and
PCT and ArimiDx for 4 week post cycle. After this take an additional 4 weeks off everything.