Body Transformation Routines-Compound

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These routines use several ways to incease intensity to achieve more benefits in less time.
-supersets(two or more exercise back to back with no rest in between.
-Tention sets(useing cables or cords to keep your core tight the entire time the exercise is being performed)
-Compund sets(multijoint exercises,meaning you’ll break down more muscle fiber. your bodies effort to repair itself burns more calories increasing strength)
-High Reps(12 or more[light]reps leaves muscles tight,burn more calories,build endurance and athletic performance)
-Low Reps(6-8 [heavy]reps build strength,sze,ideal for physique changes,combines with short rest increased resting metabolic rate for longer workouts)
-100’s(this type of training taps into all muscle groups to finish sets,one set per muscle group is enough)
-Dropsets(taking muscles to failure,then immediately reduce the weight and continue. this should only be done at the last set to prevent overtraining)


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