Included in this Kit:


High Performance Base Layer – Athos sweat-wicking base layers extract extensive muscle and heart rate data, while offering all-day comfort.

Free Mobile App – The free iOS app provides real-time insights and visual cues, allowing athletes to execute their training with unprecedented quality.

Online Training Center – Our Online Training Center allows athletes to track progress over time and optimize their training for maximum results (premium membership required).
(free invite from AlbertFit.com an Athos fitness facility for those who purchase through AlbertFit.com use code:Albert30)

Additional Details:
Offers real-time biometric tracking, including muscle activity, heart rate, calorie expenditure and active time versus rest time.
Sensors embedded in the garment read biosignals and deliver that data straight to your mobile app, displaying which muscles are firing and how much they’re being exerted.
Fabric comfortably contours to your body. Engineered with versatile compression material that is constructed with sweat-wicking technology.
Machine wash / dry – wash bag included
Compatible with iOS devices only